Pre-enrolment procedure

• Return the pre-enrolment document to the CUEF (the document can be downloaded opposite depending on your course choice).
• Pay reservation fees (€200/session for monthly courses and €450/semester for semester courses). Reservation fees are non-refundable and are deductible from the total cost of the course.
• Bring 2 identity photos on the first day of the course.

Payment by:
• International bank card – except American Express (in person or by phone).
• French bank check.
• Bank transfer to the CUEF bank account (please provide a copy of the transfer). Any transfer fees are payable by the student.
• No payment in cash

  • Any course started must be completely paid. No refund will be possible.

  • The CUEF courses are available for people aged 18 and above.

Pre-registration process for groups

  • Contact the Programs and partnerships service for an estimate based on your needs.
  • The application fees are 2% of the estimate. They include: support for the program implementation, file review, support for accommodation booking, reception service at the train station or airport, etc...

General Conditions

20 euros of administration fees are to be added to the total amount of the booking fees (from September 2019).
These fees are valid for the academic year (September to August). They are not refundable, no matter the reason.
The total amount of the course fees must be paid before the course starts.
The indicated course fees do not included the 92 € fees for the Université Grenoble Alpes contribution to the student and campus life (CVEC) and university fees: 57 € – compulsory for the students of the DUEF, DSA and DULLFC.
Social security (national health insurance) is compulsory for non-European CUEF students registered more than 3 months.
Liability insurance is compulsory for CUEF students registered more than 3 months and/or housed with the help of the CUEF, no matter the course duration.
All CUEF courses are offered provided a minimum number of participants.
The number of course hours provided may include the first day procedure (welcome meeting, test, campus and/or city tours).
For students who arrive after the course session started, access to a class will be possible only if there are available places left in the group corresponding to their level and only if the delayed arrival is under 2 weeks.
Otherwise, they will have to wait for the next session

The amount of the booking fees is deductible from the total amount of the course fees but is not refundable (except visa denial). The course fees are not refundable except: visa denial, accident or serious illness, acceptation to pursue a university career at the Université Grenoble Alpes, force majeure (e.g.: death of a close relative). The administration fees are not refundable.

Registration to the semester French language and culture courses are possible only for B1 levels (based on the CUEF level test). Otherwise, students will have to join series of intensive courses for the same duration as the one initially planned and pay the price difference.

For any claims, please fill in the claim form available at the CUEF Reception office or on the CUEF student Intranet.
Published on  June 16, 2017
Updated onNovember 12, 2021