Remote Module-Grammar

This module is offered remotely.
It is aimed at international students or teachers who wish to improve their grammar skills.
It is offered as an autonomous, stand-alone module.


International students or teachers, who have not received a French education
From intermediate level (A2 achieved)


- Remedial help with common grammar errors
- Understanding of how the language works through study of morphology and syntax
- Systematising knowledge


The curriculum is established with the teacher based on analysis of the priority needs of the students in the group. It will therefore vary depending on the group of students.

Grammatical support is provided by:

- theoretical focuses and overviews
- practical exercises


  • 4-week sessions
  • Hours: 16 hours per month
  • Hourly breakdown: each week, 3 hours of virtual class by videoconference + 1 hour of independent learning to be completed before the class, respecting any deadlines given by the teacher
  • Multi-level class: B1, B2, C1
  • Good internet connection, computer or tablet required.
  • Module opened subject to minimum enrolments.


A course attendance certificate is provided at the end of the session
Updated on July 5, 2022