French as a Foreign Language

In keeping with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the lecturers at the CUEF adapt to your needs with a constant focus on being creative and innovative.

An interactive and innovative approach

The interactive approach practised respects the balance between linguistic education, cultural education and education focused on communication and learning strategies. The enjoyable nature of working in small-groups (between 12 and 18 students) and the variety of resources used will help you make progress.

French lessons outside the classroom

As the CUEF encourages an intercultural approach oriented towards action, it offers, amongst other activities, themed trips to discover the city and the chance to take part in multimedia or artistic projects. These are all opportunities to explore other aspects of French culture and society.

A personalised pathway

Our multimedia rooms, language labs, university libraries, etc. help to encourage individual work at your own pace.
If you want to improve your speaking skills and meet other students, conversation workshops are organised on a regular basis.
Finally, if you need tailor-made support, private lessons can be provided.
Published on  June 9, 2017
Updated onJune 15, 2017