The DU "Solidarity gateway – B2 objective" (PASS B2) is part of the solidarity scheme for refugee students launched by the Grenoble university community's commitment in September 2015: "honouring its commitments, the university wants to assume its full social role based on its training, research, integration and cultural dissemination missions. By learning French, student refugees or asylum seekers can avoid dropping out of the academic world and society as a whole."

This intensive training in language, culture and university methodology is a gateway to French university and enables any student who has had to interrupt their previous studies to gain the linguistic, cultural and methodological prerequisites to return to higher education studies in France.

Students obtain a Diplôme d'Université Passerelle Solidarité Objectif B2 / Solidarity Link Objective B2 Degree if they pass the exam, along with a transcript of their marks.