Deep within the Alpine massif, Grenoble is the capital of the French Alps and the Dauphiné and the flattest city in Europe !

Grenoble: nature, culture and technologies

Grenoble is a city with rich historic heritage. Recognised as a leading cultural city in France, Grenoble has more than 15 museums and 40 cinema screens and is where 22 festivals are held.
The city's technological development model is based on the close link between teaching, research and industry. Its success relies on the excellence of a number of laboratories and major European research centres.

Close to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Mediterranean, Grenoble offers countless opportunities for trips to outstanding sites.
Whether it's summer or winter, everyone can try out the pleasures of outdoor sports and make the most of nature.

For the past 10 years Grenoble has been listed in the top three French cities to be a student

According to a ranking carried out by the L'Étudiant magazine, Grenoble is top of the list of 41 urban entities with 8,000 students or more.
The ranking of the best cities to be a student is determined by nine themes: range of courses, international influence, culture, outings, sports, transport and across four categories:
• education (international influence and courses rankings),
• student life (outings, culture and sports rankings),
• living environment (housing, transport and environment rankings),
• employment (employment ranking).
Grenoble ranks first in this ranking and first in the "Student life" category. The ranking highlights in particular the quality of the conurbation's transport, of the range of sports and courses and of the international influence of Grenoble.

For international students, living in Grenoble means having the opportunity to get to know the French language and culture in a welcoming, young and dynamic city.