DU PASS for students in Exile

The Bridging University Diploma (DU PASS) for Students in Exile is part of the solidarity program for refugee students launched by the Grenoble university community in September 2015: “in line with our commitments, the university wishes to fully embody its social role based on its missions of education, research, integration and cultural dissemination. Learning the French language helps to avoid refugee and asylum seeker students disconnecting socially and academically.”

This intensive course in language, culture, and university methodology represents a bridge to French university and provides all students forced to interrupt their previous studies with all the language, culture and methodological prerequisites, allowing them to join a higher education program in France.

Students that pass their exams will receive a “Bridging University Diploma for Students in Exile”, as well as an academic transcript.


- To certify their language level and provide university skills: this diploma certifies a B2 level of language, as well as university methodology skills.
- To support students in their studies: this DU has been recognised nationally since September 2019 and provides access to CROUS for students who are refugees or under subsidiary protection.
The CUEF teaching and administrative team is committed to supporting DU PASS students in successfully completing the DU and choosing their study goals.

Skills targeted

After the course, students will master the four skills at B2 level (achieved), which will be certified by the final assessment of DUEF B2 language exams. Alongside language skills, the course aims to provide the cultural and academic skills needed to succeed at university.
Following this course, thanks to the classes offered, students should be able to:
- Understand university ways and know how to tackle traditional French university assessment methods
- Master independent study skills: methodological organisation, document research
- Take notes and write in French
- Give a short presentation and speak publicly in French
- Be part of a working group in French
- Know how to apply to a university (finding information, writing a cover letter and CV)

A university course

Between 444 and 470 hours across two university semesters.
The CUEF supports students in all their university application procedures (creating their application, administrative procedures. writing cover letter, etc.)

Selection criteria

Students are admitted to the DU PASS based on their application followed by a selection interview. The selection criteria are the following:
- Have refugee, subsidiary protection or asylum seeker status
- Have a minimum level of B1 underway in French (proven by the online CUEF test)
- Hold a high-school diploma (French or equivalent) at minimum
- Have accommodation in Grenoble (especially for asylum seekers who cannot access CROUS assistance)
Each year, between 15 and 20 students take the course.
Updated on  July 5, 2022