Cap'FLE Virtual Classes (DU)

Cap'FLEUniversity Diploma for FLE Teaching (Cap’FLE)
90 class hours


Anyone who wishes to enhance their experience acquired on the ground with a foundation that’s both theoretical and practical.

Admission requirements

Anyone interested in this diploma course can apply by sending their CV and a cover letter to the Cap'FLE Officer.
French Baccalaureate or equivalent high school diploma
DALF C1 or DUEF C1 (80%)
Justification of at least three months of professional experience of FLE teaching


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
- identify and apply modern FLE teaching and learning methodologies
- master and describe language function (morphosyntactic, lexical and phonological),
- design units of classes,
- create pedagogical activities
- assess learning,
- use digital tools and resources


Cap’FLE is a university diploma from the CUEF at Université Grenoble Alpes.
There is a grade for each class from assessments throughout the semester (average of two grades minimum). The grades from 7 classes are combined and the average must be above 84 / 140 to pass the foundation portion of the diploma. To pass the specialisation, student must obtain the average (12/20) in the semester assessments (minimum two grades).


Course period:
Autumn Cap’FLE between September and December
Spring Cap’FLE between January and June
Course duration: 12 weeks with 7.5 hours of class per week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 4.30 pm to 7 pm and Fridays from 5.30 pm to 6 pm.
Class capacity: 18 people maximum (minimum 15 participants)

Pedagogical content

Foundation (75 hours):
FLE methodology (15 hours)
Pedagogy of phonetics correction (10 hours)
Grammar pedagogy (10 hours)
Oral pedagogy (10 hours)
Written pedagogy (10 hours)
Assessing learning (10 hours)
Innovative pedagogy and digital resources (10 hours)

+ A specialisation of your choice (15 hours)
Spring Cap’FLE:
- Teaching dynamic classes for teenagers
- Giving online classes

Autumn Cap’FLE:
- Giving literacy classes
- Teaching young learners

Published on  June 23, 2022
Updated on July 12, 2024