Higher Diploma of FLE Teaching Aptitude (DSA)

remise-diplome DSAHigher Diploma of FLE Teaching Aptitude (DSA).
241 class hours


International and Francophone students wishing to acquire an initial professional qualification to teach French as a Foreign or Second Language.


Anyone interested in this diploma course can apply by sending their CV and a cover letter to the DSA Officer.
International students must have a French high school diploma or equivalent from their home country. They should also include any document attesting to their language level in their application.


Be trained in FLE teaching methodology:
• Observe and analyse pedagogical practices
• Understand language and cultural skills to know how to teach them
• Implement innovative teaching strategies for FLE
• Develop and deepen your language level and general knowledge

Skills targeted

• Create and manage FLE units (in language, literature, phonetics and assessment)
• Written and oral language comprehension, production and interaction skills

Level required

French Baccalaureate or equivalent high school diploma
DELF B2 (80%) or DUEF B2 (AB grade)


Successful students will receive a “Higher Diploma of French as a Foreign Language Teaching Aptitude” as well as an academic transcript.
NB: This diploma is the equivalent of DU FLE for accessing the first year of Master’s FLES, after your application has been accepted by the selection committee.
Published on  June 23, 2022
Updated on November 16, 2023