FLE montain - June 2024

FLE mountain program

This program combines the expertise of two UGA structures: French as a foreign language for the CUEF and sports for the university department of Physical and Sports Activities (SUAPS), whose teachers are experts in sports pedagogy and mountain enthusiasts. This program, which goal is to introduce people to mountain sports activities, is designed for everyone, without any level or practice requirements.

Activities offered:
Master your mountain bike on different types of terrain while discovering the mountain paths around Grenoble.
via ferrata
Via Ferrata
Discover the vertical world through ladders, steps and Tibetan bridges while keeping your feet on the ground.
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Orienteering - hiking
A practice possible whatever the weather. As part of a hike, learn to read a map and make decisions on the most suitable route.
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Practice indoors, on an artificial structure, and outdoors, using handholds to climb to the top.

Image par Juan Carlos González de Pixabay
Fun aquatic practice combining walking, climbing and swimming in river water.


International audience, multi-level A2 to B2.
Minimum 13 students, maximum 16 students.

Goals and content

. Improve the understanding and expression of French.
. Learn and experience the French language from a pragmatic and action-oriented perspective.
. Discover the Alpine environment and sport activities using an eco-responsible approach.
. Implement transversal skills specific to the mountain environment: cooperation, team spirit, etc.

Duration and number of hours

From June 3rd to 28th 2024:
80 hours of French language courses.
24 hours of sports classes, supervised by 2 professionals - 3 hours on Tuesday afternoons and 3 hours on Friday afternoons.


Calendar and Fees

Registration form

Registration deadline: May 3rd 2024
An individual insurance certificate covering the practice of outdoor sports is mandatory.
Published on  December 18, 2023
Updated on December 18, 2023