Masako Owada

Masako Owada
Masako, née Masako Owada on 9 December 1963 in Tokyo, is married to Naruhito, the heir to the Japanese Imperial throne.
Masako Owada is a member of the Imperial House of Japan. She is destined, one day, to become empress consort of the archipelago.
Masako and Naruhito apparently met for the first time during a reception organised at the Crown Prince's residence so that he could find a wife. Even though it seems that Naruhito chose Masako very early on, Masako supposedly refused his marriage proposals for several years as she was worried about the strict life of the imperial court and wanted to have a professional life.

Masako Owada, Princess of Japan, took French classes at the Grenoble CUEF in July and August 1983.
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