Park Geun-hye

Park Geun-hye, born 2 February 1952 in Samdeok-dong, is a South-Korean politician who was President of the Republic from 2013 to 2017.
Geun-hye graduated from Sungsim high school in Daegu in 1970. She received a Bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Sogang University in 1974 then studied French at the CUEF Grenoble. She was forced to return to Korea following her mother's assassination. Park was then regarded as First Lady of South Korea beside her father, who was also assassinated in 1979.

From 1998 to 2012, she was a member of the South-Korean National Assembly. In December 2012 she was elected President of the Republic, becoming the first female South-Korean Head of State.
In November 2016, she was accused of corruption and hundreds of thousands of South Koreans protested to demand her impeachment.

Her powers were suspended following a National Assembly vote on 9 December 2016. She was arrested on 30 March 2017 and has been in prison ever since.

Updated on  June 16, 2017