Each month, the Centre organises outings with CUEF students, according to what’s on and what time of year it is!

A few examples of outings:

Visit to the Grenoble campus:

A walk to discover the Grenoble campus. The site is considered one of the most original urban gardens in Europe! On this tour, discover its history and geographic layout. It’s also an excellent walk to learn to recognise the mountains.

Tour of the city of Grenoble:

This guided tour will allow you to understand and observe the streets of Grenoble, their history and various stories. It’s an opportunity to learn, so you can locate the city of Grenoble in France’s history.

Visit to the Bastille and cable car:

Climb up to the Bastille and admire the panorama over the valley and the Alps, observing the layout of the metropolitan area.

Visit to Château de Vizille and the National Museum of the French Revolution:

According to historians, this is where it all began, in summer 1788! It was at Château de Vizille that the first step towards the great revolution was taken and the great change took place.

Updated on  June 21, 2022