Linguistic, French language, Communication DU

Through university partnerships with China, the CUEF welcomes 3rd-year Benke (bachelor’s) students, for a 1-year course combining specific classes (advanced French language and culture, Academic French) and discipline-related classes (Literature, Language Sciences and Communication) from the first year curriculum of the Bachelor’s of UFR LLASIC (Language, Literature, Theatre Arts, Information and Communication) at UGA.

Students that pass their exams will receive a “Literature - French Language - Communication University Diploma” as well as an academic transcript.


Chinese students enrolled in the 3rd year of Benke (bachelor’s) in their home university and
who can attest to a French level of B1 achieved or B2 underway in the CEFR.


• Achieve B2 level.
• Master the main concepts and key points of discipline-specific content taught in Language Sciences and Information Communication classes.
• Understand a long oral presentation (lecture) and take notes.
• Master university techniques (writing academic essays, giving a presentation, etc.).
• Master independent study skills: document and bibliographic research, etc.
• Be part of a working group.
• Know how to tackle different forms of assessment in use at French university.
Updated on  July 29, 2022